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Harvard / MIT research on the Rise of Angel Investors

The Harvard Business School’s Professor Josh Lerner and Professor Antoinette Schoar of MIT Sloan School of Management published a paper that explores the rise of angel investing and compares it to venture capital. Using data from two large angel startup groups, the authors were able to show results that encourages attention to this mode of […]

SABAN launches in Johannesburg

SABAN (South African Business Angel Network) is a non-profit, professional association for promoting the South African early stage investor community. Established in 2016, SABAN represents a sector that plays a vital role in South Africa’s future, notably in the funding of Start-Ups. SABAN members fuel SA’s growth through the creation of wealth and jobs The […]

SABAN JHB Launch – A Promising Step for South Africa

With the South African Business Angel Network – SABAN – launching in Johannesburg on August 24th, 2016, South Africa can claim its first national non-profit association whose purpose is to “galvanize and grow angel investing” in the country. Chris Campbell is an entrepreneur based in South Africa who has been on the front line of […]